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We are about entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. We help you with everything from recruiting talent, building tech, marketing, building a real business and getting funding.


Terbang Ventures is a community of startups with companies within a wide variety of industries including Big Data, Network Security, Media, and Iot among others. We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs supporting other entrepreneurs in any way possible.



All entrepreneurs in Terbang Ventures have experience running profitable ventures and building tech related products. These entrepreneurs can help you with any challenges that you may face.



We help you build your technology and set up the right foundation to build a sustainable and scalable product. Get help building your prototype and ultimately building your product.


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From our data platform to our network, Terbang Ventures can help you build and grow your business. We can help you with:

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  • Finding funding in SE Asia and advising you on how to do so
  • Make introductions to prominent businessmen in relevant industries

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